Friday, January 9, 2009

grant thanks

First of all, thank you!  Your response to Grant's Gift has been so great :)  I was wondering if me mentioning my own miscarriages would be off putting to some of you.  But I remembered that in the midst of those awful years I always found more women who had so many of the same experiences and each was still so different.

Pregnancy is often difficult for so many of us, and of course I always thought it would be smooth sailing.  There were so many tears.  So many years wasted.

Now, I know those weren't wasted years.  I grew a lot.  My vows of for better and for worse, now I understand those.   I learned a lot of things about life that I did not want to.   When we face hard times, now  I know we can handle it.  Nothing could be worse than what we faced together so early on.

So thank you for helping this special family.


Mary said...

We are sending you five blankets tomorrow. We love that you were brave enough to share with everyone like Grant's family was able to share.

Diane said...

Oh Katie! You are brave for sharing, but how could it be offputting?! I can't imagine how difficult that time was for you - and I can not imagine your beautiful family being any different than it is. I'm so sorry for your loss.

It's wonderful for you to put the word out for such a cause.