Friday, January 9, 2009


Do you remember this elephant?  I originally made it as part of the Pillowcase Challenge.  It is made using just one vintage pillowcase.  I love these colors together.

My hubs, Jeff, grandmother made a smaller stuffed elephant for one of his brother's or sister's long ago.  I have it now in my girl's room among her other toys.  I just photocopied the original toy and enlarged it to a size that I liked.   I really like how the ears are done.  They have a little bit of stuffing in them too.  I think its a cute touch.

Since it was so sunny today (after being freezing cold yesterday) I set up my photography studio.  You know, the one that I told you about... my ironing board set up in the hallway and covered with a pink chenille blanket.  And I took some new photos of my ella.  She is now on my etsy shop!


Mary said...

So sweet!

Diane said...

You know that I love your elephants... too cute!

Thanks for the FYI re: Wuthering Heights! I'm setting the trusty VCR for sure. Thrifty Jane-ites unite ;)