Saturday, December 29, 2007

katie jean in San Francisco



so, does this look like me?

I will be in SF in January for a very special event called the Mission Indie-Mart. It is a one day, 4 hour shopping party. I am nervous and excited about it all. I do feel a little square to be there, (see above picture), that's the nervous part. But it sounds like fun. Here is an excerpt from their blog:

The Mission Indie-Mart has quickly grown from an underground backyard shopping party into a popular monthly event featuring a tantalizing combination of shopping, music, and food. Catering to the style conscious hipster, this event showcases truly independent local designers, offering everything from one of a kind fashions and reconstructed vintage (that's me) to offbeat crafts, handmade jewelry, and fun antiques. Enjoy cheap beer, hot plates, local dj's and the cream of the crop of San Francisco's indie designer scene.

See what I mean about being nervous? "the style conscious hipster". But how can you beat any craft event that has cheap beer! Also the location sounds intriguing. There will be 50 other vendors there. I hope to see some familiar faces, come to San Francisco for the day!

The Mission Indie-Mart

12 Galaxies Bar

on Mission by 22nd Street

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