Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shoe of the Month

I know that this isn't handmade, but I thought it was pretty cool anyway! J.Crew is now offering a shoe of the month club. Love it! Even though I'm not really a shoe girl I think it would be so great to get a surprise pair of shoes each month. The ad says:


Each month, our designers will handpick their favorite shoes and send them straight to the doorstep of someone who has been very good this year. Treat someone to 12 months of luxury. Call 866-739-5944.

No price was given to join this "club". I remember when I used to always wear white keds. And they weren't even real keds, those were too expensive for me. I bought mine at the grocery store. I know, I was soo cool.

The shoes I still think about are the hot pink Converse high-tops that I got for Christmas when I was 16. I loved them, even though they made my feet look so huge.  My best friend Michele had a pair just like mine.  I don't know why, but we loved dressing up like each other.  Oh the '80's!  I just bought son #2 his first pair of black Converse. He thinks he is pretty cool too!

Do you have any shoe memories?

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