Sunday, July 18, 2010

a cup of tea

My recent trip was filled with so much fun! Family time, tourist time, shopping time, and tea time!

My sister Mary took us to a sweet spot called the Williamsburg Antique Mall.  It is a huge place, 400 dealers!  I just had to remember that I only had a suitcase with me, not my car. It is so hard to shop with this is mind!

Inside the mall is a little jewel of a place to have a sweet lunch, La Petite Tea Room.  You can tell how neat it is from our table setting.

And the food was equally as special.  Just like the owner, Jean Reitmeyer.  She made us feel at home and like a part of her family right away that I wanted to call her Aunt Jean.  She even studied at Le Cordon Bleu.  I found her so interesting that I had a feeling of wanting to actually interview her!

We each had a different open face grilled sandwich.  Each was just yummy!  And then we were even offered a sample plate of three desserts of our choice.   Aren't you glad that I love to take pic's of my food!  Jean really made the meal special.  And it has become a special memory for me.  Thanks sis!   I hope if you're ever in Williamsburg you can stop by and say hello for me!

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malia said...

how fun! i love tea rooms...