Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just look

at what I did!  I just joined an online business class.  But a very special one!  It's Indie Business.

And I'm lovin it!  For 6 weeks.  Look over the websites of these 3 fab girls for even more crafty fun.


Mary said...

What a great idea - can I join too????

Shellagh Selee said...

Wow, very cool! I went & checked it out & would love to take that class sometime! just found your blog & off to browse around.


Amy said...

Oh cool! Aren't those girls inspiring? I'll see you in class!

P.S.) Do you collect or sew with vintage hankies ever? If so, I have something for you ;)

katiejean said...

yes! yes! yes! I'm actually making up something new for Indie Sac using some of my vintage hankies!

megan v said...

I joined too and I'm so excited about it!!! I'm visiting everyone's blogs to get acquainted! :)