Thursday, March 18, 2010

finishing up

I had fun yesterday finishing this little girls apron.  It is made from a little white curtain that I found thrifting.  The rows of white ruffles were already there.  It is big enough to make two aprons from.  Lucky me!

Since the ruffle edges were unfinished, I left some of the other pieces raw too.  I like this look a lot, especially the flower.  I guess this is the shabby chic look!

The fabric is just the opposite of shabby.  It is by the wonderful Heather Bailey.  I love each little piece of fabric in her collection.  So fresh and so vintage.  I really like how the flowers seem to be outlined in another color.  It makes them pop out even more!

Yesterday I also had about an hour to myself, so I swung  by my local thrift.  I found an adorable doll bed!  It is still in my car... I'm afraid to bring it in the house and hear what my hub will say. "Another doll bed!  We have no storage room left!"  I just couldn't walk away from it.  Soo... at my next show in April, I will have a doll bed all outfitted with a matress, quilt, pillow, and a row of paper dolls!  I really like making these and I hope to be better about getting them made up, because they come out so cute!  Can you tell I'm proud of my work :)


Mary said...

I love your work! This apron is so very cute! I also love the little flower at the neck.

Judith said...

Has it been so long since I visited? So many, many new things. I love coming here for inspiration, to see what you're up to and what you are creating.
PS In love with ruffles. I'm over 40 and in love with ruffles. How weird is that?