Thursday, February 25, 2010

eye pillows

This is the 3rd class that I will be teaching at The Tin Thimble, March 24th.   It's the Scrappy Eye  Pillow class.  And I love it!  The room gets filled with the wonderful smell of lavender.

Here is what my friend Amy said about her eye pillow,  "I just love my eye pillow, it is amazing! It’s pretty, it smells good, and it calms my sinus pain and headaches. I use it hot or cold."

The class supply list is available when you sign up!


Mary said...

I love my eye pillow too~when I am not using it I keep it in my "delicates" drawer of my dresser. It just smells so GOOD!!

Cindy Nickles said...

Hi, and congratulations on your new series of home ec classes. See you on the 20th at IndieSacramento!