Sunday, February 14, 2010


It can surely be found in a box.  My kids have shown me that many, many times.  When on Christmas they always have to save the boxes that their presents come in.  They find a lot of fun and happiness in that box long after the 12 days have passed.

Yesterday I found that same happiness. My hub checked the mail and found a box full of wonderful Valentine's!  I participated in a crafty Valentine swap with Sarah at Makin' Projiks.  I made 14 scrappy pins all made from some romantic Holly Holderman fabric.  And received in return 14 other little packages of sweetness.  All in one box!

My new crafty friend Michaele put together a wonderful slide show of all of the treats we each received.   You really need to look at.  I already have a new idea of what to make for the 2011 swap!  Thank you Sarah for all of your hard work puttin' together all of our boxes filled with happiness!

I hope your day is filled with sweetness and love!

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Michaele Sommerville said...

Aren't the valentine goodies just the sweetest? So glad we met this year- and yep, I'm inspired for next year's swap too!