Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i squealed

Really I did!  Once I figured out that the package on my door step was for me I guessed at the surprise waiting inside for me.

Isn't it just great!  I again have 2 of my projects featured in this new book.  I made a child's apron, with the help of a handrawn pattern by my sister, and an eye glass case.  If you flip through the pages you will also see a few tea towels from my own personal collection.

It is just all so great for me to see it all come together.  The pictures are fantastic and the sewing projects are original and a lot of fun to see.   This tea towel book is a companion to the pillowcase challenge book.  What do you love to repurpose?

p.s. my sister Judith just wrote a blog post about book covers that you might also find amusing!


Quilter's Eden said...

Love your new book!! I also love your shop sign too! HELP ME PEPTO GIRL!!

Diane said...

Congratulations!! Excellent job, as always.

If you're ever up here in Seattle, we'll have to thrift together... I'm having the *best* time! Miss you!

Katie Trott said...

I miss you too! If I could, I would drive up there today to thrift with you :D

Judith said...

Congratulations! I'll have to go and get one now. And I want it autographed!!