Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my scrappy cabin quilt


Here are my photos of my scrap squares. Or should I say square. I made my second square over the weekend. I really am enjoying it! I have two bags of scraps now. One of fabrics to use, and one that I have used already. I am trying not to use the same fabric twice. Which is difficult for me if it is a favorite print. And I am also trying to just reach into the bag and use whatever fabric that I grab. This, I am not as good at. I pulled out a burnt orange color that looked awful next to the palest pink. So, I switched it. I know, I'm a rebel.


If you want to start your own quilt, check out Melly for their tutorial. Those girls made some good directions. And now they are talking about doing a scrap swap. Which I will definitely do. Check it out if you would like to join me!



missy said...

I love your squares! I haven't saved scraps for a long time... just no room... and now I'm super mad at myself! LOL! Guess I'll have to go buy some fat quarters and make scraps! LOLOLOLOL!

Emma Farrell said...

This is going to be darling! So bright and happy!

Melly said...

WOW - we love your scrappy cabin!!! It is addictive isnt it?? We will definately be running the scrap swap - hopefully later this week it will be announced - they are always so much fun to do! Hope you keep enjoying making your blocks and hope you will get some great new scraps to play with through the swap!