Monday, January 14, 2008



Wolverine doll house, made in Booneville, Arkansas

Molly's birthday was in August. She wanted a hello kitty party of course. We ended up doing a family party at home. I really like having those. I think our kids have so much stuff already and don't really need more. So family days really are the best. A day out doing whatever they want, they choose the dinner, and then the hello kitty cake!

I also try to buy them something that isn't new. Something from the junk shop, or thrift shop. Finding a vintage toy is the best. I have been quite good at doing this lately and if I find something really wonderful I buy it and hold on to it until the special day comes.

This year Molly finally got her doll house. This one I have had for awhile. It has been in storage on the top of my fridge. So she has seen it up there and knew that it was for her. But on her birthday morning it was down stairs all set up with furniture and a family all ready to play with. I like having it out all the time now. It is part of our own home decor.

The doll family even has a birthday cake. I borrowed it from Kelly, Barbie's little sister. Another collection!


Ohio Art boat-the first in a new collection for Q

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Nina said...

Katie you sound like a wonderful mom. I love your idea about picking up something from the thrift store for gifts:)