Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the pillowcase challenge


Yes, I joined the challenge. I had a few pillowcase items already made. But, I'm not sure that they qualify because it's not made from 100% pillowcase materials. Like minky fabric and a t-shirt.

cuddle blanket


sweet dreams dress

So, yesterday I made an eyeglass holder (can also be used for phone or camera). It is made from two different pillowcases. The inner liner pillowcase fabric was a little faded, so I felt OK using that one, especially since it is in complimentary colors. The outer fabric is a pretty and obviously from the 60's or 70's with some little chartreuse flowers. And on the outside closure, I used a vintage fabric yo-yo and a vintage button. I think it is really cute. I'm actually giving to my mom for her birthday tomorrow.

Ok, so the pillowcase challenge has really got me going. I want to make something a little bit more elaborate than what I usually make. Something to challenge me! I even went to my local Lincoln thrift today and found two funky vintage pillowcases for $1. each. Love it! What luck, huh! They are now upstairs in my laundry room getting all nice and clean. What shall I make next? Part of the fun of this challenge is that I can submit more than one item. Wish me luck!

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Emma Farrell said...

I just pointed a friend of ours towards this contest too! I'm excited to see what everybody comes with!