Saturday, November 7, 2015

tablecloth inspiration

I really didn't know how much I have used vintage tablecloths until I started looking through my old pictures. I love them all!

I especially love this little model :) She was sometimes very reluctant too! But so cute, even if you can't see her face. I love seeing her little hands.

I made these very scrappy hot pads for my mom. A Christmas present most likely. And look at that cute vintage ric rac!

And another apron! I love this one! My sister Judith made a similar apron for my daughter, and I just used that one as my pattern.  This one closes with a velcro tab and I added a cute button to cover the stitching.

Here's another one with a sweet vintage button!

Here is my tiny model again! I can't believe I had fabric left over from the half apron to make a little dress too. I love the soft pink and faded flowers on this one.

I know there is more. Maybe I need to write a book!


mary gontjes said...

Super cute stuff friend..

Modern Pioneer Quilter said...

Love the apron...definitely write a book.