Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tumbler quilt

This is the Tumbler Quilt that I am already in the process of making.  I am cutting up a big variety of fabrics to make this. I am excited to get sewing to see how easy these shapes go together row by row.  If you use the same fabric as the first and last piece in the rows, it creates your first border.

Here is the tumbler used to make a table runner.  I like the edges on this!  Looks like a wave and goes nicely with the effect of the fabric and quilting.

This is what the die looks like.  You can cut 3 at once, or use up to 6 layers of fabric and make 18 tumblers at once.  This is the way I did it, and when I cut my fabric in 4 1/2" strips it made for little waste.  Plus it just went so much faster!

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