Friday, November 2, 2012


This is downtown Lincoln on Halloween!  There were a ton of kids out getting candy from the local merchants.  Every year from 3-5 pm, families go shop to shop trick or treating.  I have such a good time seeing all the costumes, it's like I'm the kid!

 Halloween Fairy, Ex-Rocker, and Hobo Kid

Here are my kids, dressed up.  I love helping them get their costumes together.  It's fun finding things from around the house and thrift shop that will work.  Homemade is the best!  And Target is also a huge help!

Napolean Dynamite (my favorite)

Halloween Fairy (without wings) 2012

Candy Corn Lalaloopsy Haloween 2011

Bat Girl 2010

I couldn't resist showing you my girl from the last two years!  Happy Halloween!

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