Monday, August 29, 2011

summer fun

My three beauties went off to their first day of school this morning. They all got to school like they were pros. Like it was just another day, no big deal. And they were up early and happy about it. I'm so happy about their teachers!

I wanted to show you some pic's that I took of my girl this summer. The first one you can see of her feet. We had to paint each toe a different color. Only a six year old can truly pull that look off. Especially if they love Hello Kitty.

We also did up her hair. Twisted each section and then put it up in bobbie pins. So messy and cute! Again only a six year old! I also did my hair like this, but did not leave the house :)

She kinda reminds me of Princess Leia in this picture. I do remember doing my hair like this and tying them up with strips of fabric. Letting my hair dry and then, curls. They were so perfect to sleep with at night. Have you ever done up your hair like this? It's so simple!

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Val said...

You changed your blog banner!? Your things are always cute, though. :)

I'm glad it was a good first day of school for the kiddos. Sweet little girl hairdo!