Sunday, August 21, 2011

sewing school

This is the happiest student! She was so great at sewing up her first quilt. And really did great on sewing in a straight line.

Which is really no easy task to learn. My new friend Lynn, just told me the neatest idea, and the way that she was taught to practice sewing in a straight line.

Just get a page of lined school paper and put it in your machine. Sew on those lines with no thread and a needle that you are ready to toss out. If you do about 2 pages, you should be all set. I thought it was the best tip I have ever heard! And now I will be adding it to the beginning of each Sewing School class.

Thanks Lynn!


Cytel said...

That is a simple and brilliant idea.

malia said...

adorable! i love the fabric you have for the disappearing 9 quilt. I know your store is opening soon-- good for you and good luck! hope you blog about it! xo malia

Anonymous said...

Perfect idea to use the lined paper. I also use a paper with a big spiraling circle, and a spiraling square, just draw them and let the kids get use to moving the paper and lifting the presser foot as they sew. great practice.
Hope to get to your store soon.