Monday, May 10, 2010

day one

Yeah!  I got started on my challenge today. The hard part is where to start. What to sew what fabric to use.  So I reached for this cute book that I've had, but really haven't sewn from yet.

My other problem is a lot of times when I do sew for my own girl, she doesn't want to wear what I've made.  So I decided to make a little something for my girl and her friends.

School is almost out in the kindergarten class and there are four girls graduating in June.  So I decided to make a little gift for each of them!

This is a good little pattern.  It takes only a little bit of fabric. Maybe a half of a fat quarter size.

I also ran over to my local thrift and found this neat tool to turn those narrow pieces of fabric right side out.  Only $2.  Does any one know what this tool actually is?  Let me know if you do.  It worked pefectly.

Well here she is, all smiles.  Complete with oreo cookie crumbs on her face.  One of those is actually a beautiful little freckle!

Maybe I should have brushed her hair first!  She went right for this red headband.  And I was thinking she would scoop up the pink colored headband for herself.  Full of surprises.

This pattern was super easy.  I did adjust it a bit and shorten the length, since it was a little loose.  I would like to make these again.  Maybe using handkerchiefs. 

And since I did make four headbands, I sewed for more than an hour today.  Which feels so good, right?  Challenge met for day one.


april kennedy said...

It's a latch hook rug tool! What a great idea. I actually have one in my closet and never thought to use it. I hate trying to turn inside out those little buggers. So cute for a kinder graduation gift.

Missy said...

I found your blog via Wordpress tags. Cute book, will have to look for that one. Are there many boy patterns in it? The tool that you used is actually for latch hooking. Great way to adapt it to your need!

malia said...

oh my gosh i have one of those tools too-- picked it up at value village (thrift store). i hope someone knows what it is. love the headband!

Ella said...

Great, I've got this book a few weeks ago as a gift. Friends bought it in Milan, so it's written in Italian. I also didn't sew from it until yet.

Vivian's Kitchen said...

These are darling Katie. Just wish Viv and Lil would keep things in their hair.

Mary said...

Latch hook tool! What a great repurpose you have for it!!
I love your headbands too. Happy Graduation to A and her friends.