Sunday, May 16, 2010

day four

Or should it be day seven?  For the kids clothes week sewing challenge, I did sew four out of the seven days.  I wish it could have been more.  If I could I would do nothing but sew.  And blog.  And read blogs.  And eat and nap.  And kiss my kids.  And my husband.  Well, sew a lot anyway!

I did end my sewing week with finally finishing the two pants that I was sewing up for my girl.  She did have a favorite pair.  But she did pick one pant to sleep in and one to wear for playing with her girlfriends.

This is the fabric from my sister Mary.  Congratulations!  She really liked the birds and the racoon on the fabric.  But once I put the pants together the racoon was not to be seen. There are just a little pair of eyes peeking out in the inside seam.  It is kinda sweet, hiding.

And here is a pic of my sweet peas and roses that are blooming in my backyard right now. Thanks for following my sewing adventures!  Have a fun week!


Nicole said...

Love those pants.... And the cute girl wearing them :). Flowers are pretty, bet your yard is soo pretty right now!

Mary said...

The pants look so cute and the cutie in them too!!