Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the first

Indie Sacramento is such a great show that I wish I could attend it, not just vend it.  That way I could shop at my liesure and not have to hurry back to my booth!  And when I shop, I have to look at every little thing.   Just ask my friends.  I take too long for some of them.  That's why I often shop alone.  Not too many have the patience for me, as I look and look, and look.

Well I am a vendor at Indie Sac.  And to get ready for it, we are all asked to get together little bags of swag.  It's just a little free thing for attendees to receive that will promote our business.  In the past I have done book markers, lemon drops, gift tags, and magnets.

This time I did little square scraps of vintage fabrics.  I participated in a scrap fabric swap last summer, that was hosted by Melly and Me.  We were making log cabin squares, all from our fabric scraps.  I traded with someone in Australia and these little squares are just a part of what I got.  And now they are being passed on!

You can see the wide variety of cute little prints.  There are also some solids mixed in there too.

My girl helped me sort and stack one morning.  It was a great way for us to practice counting.  Well, she actually needs the practice more than I do.  She is 4 and can count up to 23!

So, if you are one of the first 150 to come to Fremont Park this Saturday, one of these little bags of scrappy goodness could be yours!  OOOh! AAh!  Or, one of these many other little goodies.  Check it out!  And see you there :)


Jacque said...

Katie, it was so fun seeing you at the Roseville Market! I just love knowing that your dream of creating is in full swing, you look great and I just always was so impressed what a great mother you are (something I never tried). It was a fun show, I hope you enjoyed shopping and visiting with all the great vendors. I wish I could attend some of your events, they sound fun. We are busy selling out of town to nurseries this weekend so I will have to check back for what you are doing in the future. Best wishes~Jacque

Diane said...

Looks great! Best wishes for a busy show!

Evie's Ark said...

Oooh, I hope I get a little of this fabric in my swag bag! See you soon!

Mary said...

Great fabrics. Have a good time on Saturday.