Sunday, May 25, 2008

my website

paper doll There are some changes going on! This one I am excited about and have been dreaming about for awhile. This one has always been in the back of my mind for at least a year. So, thanks to some friends, and good references, I will be updating my website. Well, not me! But, Amy Cluck of Pepto Girl.

I have been busy doing some research of websites that I like, to get some good ideas. Do you have a favorite?? Mostly, I have been looking at my long list of bookmarks. There were over 80, and some that aren't around any longer. I wonder how this happens, and it's kinda sad. I know someone has either lost their business or just lost interest in what they were doing and has moved on.

Here is one that I just revisited and find so cute. And she has free downloads. Like this one. I love silhouettes.


So, look at the before of my website, and wait for the after. It will be clean, and easy to navigate. And I will finally have pay pal! Also, check out Amy. She has some fun, and sassy handmade crafts.


Diane said...

Change can be very rewarding. I'm looking forward to your new website! And, as a fellow silhouette admirer, that's a great download pic. Have a great weekend.

Dawn (elfini) said...

Aaah, the templates they are a changin'...

Can't wait to see the new site. And lucky you - having someone else do it. Nice.

Rachel Valley said...

I really love the graphic here...It is wonderfully whimsical!