Wednesday, May 28, 2008

getting ready

I am now getting ready for the next Glitter and Grunge release for June. (June already!) I have been doing the usual, and digging through my fabrics for inspiration and deciding what little kj original to craft up. Well, I got some cute stuff! But, then again, I always think it's cute. I love my fabric. I just love fabric.

crafty Diane

And so does my friend Diane of little birdies nest. She came over today and we have more than that (our love of fabric) in common. We have the same wedding ring. Cool huh? And we both love to travel! Gosh it makes me want to jump on a plane just thinking about it.

I asked Diane to make me some of her hair lovelies to match what I am making for G & G. So, when you buy my new little June creations, you will have a free little hair accessory to match. And they are cute. She even made me a little pair for my Molly, who happens to be enjoying kitties right now.

Take a look for yourself. I think they would make cute little girl party favors too!
kitty pony tails

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