Tuesday, May 6, 2008

first cut

This past week, I finally cut into my new organic fabric. It felt so great! I have washed and dried each piece and now I get to start sewing! The fabric is so incredibly soft. I really like the sateen fabrics and the cotton flannel that I bought to back the cuddle blankets. I can just imagine them covering up a cuddly brand new baby. That extra soft fabric against an extra soft baby!

blue moon flannel

The burp cloth is kinda of an organic shape. It is just a pattern that I drew by hand and it actually reminds me of a jelly bean. Should they be called a bean burp cloth? No, what then?? They are backed by the softest terry cloth, and it's thick too. I used the same terry for the wash mitt. Next I need to make my first stuffed elephant toy.

blue moon flannel
Here are the photos. Shown: cuddle blanket, burp cloth, and wash mitts.


Amanda said...

Looks like great stuff! Can't wait to see more of what you'll be creating.

Dawn (elfini) said...

Contoured Burp Cloth? I don't know... but that fabric looks awesome! I love the blue/brown pattern.