Friday, August 14, 2015

school skirts

With school starting soon for some of us, wouldn't it be fun to make a skirt for your girl? Or with your girl?  I loved it when my daughter was younger and we would pick out fabric together.  It made sewing with her or for her so very fun!

This is the simple skirt pattern that I would often use in my shop.  It is from the Made blog.  There are a lot of great skirt tutorials out there, but this one I really like because it is a great first skirt pattern.  Your girl will make this in just day.  And you both will love sewing it up that you will want to make one for all of her girlfriends too.  Wouldn't that be a fun gift!

And here is my girl in the skirt she made. This is from the summer of 2014.  I loved this fabric too, so very much!  I remember how proud she was, finishing it herself.  It always amazes me how empowering sewing can be :)

Have fun sewing!

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