Tuesday, April 22, 2014

church, family, and a quilt

How was your Easter?  Mine was just perfect.  It was a perfect day with just enough of family, food, and rest to get me ready for another week in the shop.

Easter 2012

Each Easter we attend church at the United Methodist Church in Lincoln.  It's special there for us. My parents were married there and so was I, (April 28 will be our 24th anniversary).

This is the oldest church in town, 125 years old.  And my Mom, Donna, has gotten a fantastic idea to create a quilt based on the windows from the church (more about that later). They are very unique.  And as a kid, I loved reading them. They helped keep me awake during services.  "Died in his wagon on his way to California".  Each one tells a story and is dedicated to a missionary or pastor from that time.

For me, this church is another neat part of what makes Lincoln special.

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