Friday, July 6, 2012

circa 1880

Every once in a while, I am lucky when someone brings in an old quilt.  I just love looking at the old fabrics, seeing the blocks that were pieced together with scraps just to make it all work.  I often think about all the time and work that went in to not only the hand sewing, but the cutting of all those bits of fabric.

This quilt was in a bit of disrepair when I first saw it a few months ago.  Quite a few of the fabrics were disintegrating and torn.  But this quilter wanted to rescue what she had and preserve it.  So we chose a few new fabrics for her to use.  Can you see them in this above picture?  If you know the fabric that I have in my shop, you should be able to recognize them, there are two here.

The quilt label reads:
Made By:
Dulcia Gould Harris
New Burnside, Illinois
Circa 1880

I think she did a fantastic job!  And thank you to all of you that share your treasures with me, they are always inspiring.

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Sherry Wray said...

Oh these are so very lovely!!!