Friday, May 4, 2012

farmer's wife

The first Farmer's Wife class was today!  All day sewing - was sew great!

Plus, the night before I finally picked out what fabrics that I want to use. The lovely American Jane from Sandy Klopp and Moda.  I have been collecting some of her fabrics for awhile and now I get to dig them out and start cutting them up.

I was really proud of my work too! I did a little dance every time I finished a block. I finished four of them.  Now I just have 107 blocks left to go.

Plus these Marti Michel templates really did the trick.  I used my tiny 18 mm rotary cutter and it made my blocks so much more precise.  And less stressful for me!  I'll show you my 4 finished blocks next...

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lindag1947 said...

which of the marti mitchell templates did you use?