Thursday, June 2, 2011

thrifty adventures

See that little dish by my sewing machine? That is an ash tray. It was my Dad's, one that he got when we lived as a family in England. It is lined with some names of different hotels, and I use it every time I sew. The needles I pull out from my sewing project go in that little white dish. It's a funny way that I remeber my Dad, and make him still a part of my life.

Even though this ash tray is not thrifted, it is something that I often see at thrift shops. Ash tray's always were a part of our decor growing up. We made ash trays at school whenever we made ceramics in school. I think the ash tray is a part of our past culture, something that is now out of fashion.

For me, this little tray holds memories. What have you found lately that holds special memories for you? Be sure to see what Stacey found this week too. p.s. the above photo is by my friend Ashley of

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Kiley said...

I remember making little ash tray "pinch pots" and painting them...but I never had anyone to give them to. I think you are right...I doubt if you'd ever find anyone making ash trays in school, camp, VBS these days.