Monday, June 6, 2011

market monday #2

Welcome back to my second Market Monday. I want you to meet Tula Pink! She is just irresistible.

Who else could back their quilts with a huge 6 foot frog. Wearing a pink crown, non the less. He is charming!

She has such gorgeous fabrics. I love how they are full of pictures within a picture. The fabrics are mesmerizing. It's like a little party.

Plus her quilts at market were just as fun. And just look at that stitching! Full of texture bringing life to an otherwise simple quilt.

I would so love to make a raincoat, umbrella, or shower curtain from this fabric! I would love to find an umbrella pattern. Do you think it would be hard to make?

1 comment:

jdcoughlin said...

Is that Jimmy Neutron's mom there, peeking into your photo? I think that's her hair. I'm sure that's her.

And yes, you can!