Wednesday, June 3, 2009

vintage linens

This is another name for vintage sheets.  I have really enjoyed using these for my sewing projects.  The fabric is so very soft.  And the patterns are always  fun and often funky!

I just posted my last set of baby booties and the matching bag on my etsy site.  Making  little things with these great prints felt so good! I love making baby items that are filled with whimsy and a little bit askew.

It's like wearing a simple outfit with a great pair of shoes.  I can't get away with a funky print top, but I can carry off shoes covered in beads.  But that's just me and my own rules.  Babies don't really have dressing rules.  Have you ever seen a "What not to Wear" for toddlers.  They just can do no wrong.

Except when they wear too much makeup.  No makeup and wigs for baby!  But I'm sure that's a rule that you already knew. :)


Diane said...

What IS the age for crazy dressing, because I've seen some adults who think they're toddlers! :)

Congrats on the GD Sac feature!! Glad that HP went well for you. Miss you!

Judith said...

Hey! What a girl, right? Changing her mind at the last minute. But couldn't be cuter. Love the shoes she was wearing. Kinda reminded me of those old fashioned swim caps. But hey, you have to post the picture of the dress that was denied. We've got to see it. I love pink and green.

PS Where's your FOLLOW ME button? I'm so into following these days!

Mary said...

The video was good of Good Day Sacto. I wish it was more YOU.

Love the baby booties.