Tuesday, June 9, 2009

two in one

Two posts in one day!  It just might be a first for me..

Thanks again for answering my survey questions.  I have decided on hosting an apron class.  I looked through my patterns today and found a vintage one that I really like.  It is a one size fits all model that just slips over your head.  No adjusting and no ties. It's cute and it's vintage!  Stay tuned for the class date and more class info.

I also noticed today how much of this vintage yardage that I do have.  So watch my etsy shop, because I am going to sell of a few bits of it, destash.  It's all thrifted fabric.  I have washed it, and ironed it.  And it has passed the sniff test, so it doesn't smell like a thrift shop anymore!

And here is the sweet and simple dress that I made for my girl.  This is the one that she still is unwilling to wear.   I think she just likes wearing her super soft t-shirt dresses.  So for now, I am just holding onto it and I'll try to reintroduce it to her for her birthday dress.

1 comment:

Judith said...

That is so adorable. What is that girl looking for in a dress? sequins? feathers? shiny stuff? Maybe you could add one that accidently falls off in the wash ;)