Friday, February 6, 2009

a peak

I wanted to entice you once more with some photos of me (my stuff actually) getting ready for Indie Sacramento.  So hopefully this will do the trick for you!

A stack of finished pants and skirts.  I made up some new tags, using vintage valentines.

I made these up just yesterday using some crafty paper, scissors, and stickers.  My girl had a lot of fun helping me out!

Amy Butler fabric and vintage trim go perfectly together.

I did not want to cut into this super cute Japanese fabric!  But this vintage trim was just the right color.

So, come by and see me tomorrow.  I promise you will have a great day!  And it is supposed to be sunny out too!


Melly said...

Good luck!!!! =] hope you have a really successful day!!! And that japanese print is just too yummy to be true!

Quilter's Eden said...

You are right - I am enticed!

You are going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see more of your booth and what you have made.