Wednesday, February 25, 2009

did you know?

You can make do.  I love how this is made to seem like a new idea.  It's not a new idea, we are just making do in a new way than what our parents or grandparents did.  We repurpose!  Sounds hip doesn't it.  Well many seem to think so and I am so happy that you all like the idea.  Because that is what my whole business is based on, is making do and repurposing.  And you know it is a passion of mine, finding new ways to use up some of that old stuff!

A comment was recently left asking me about cutting up these old fabrics.  It is hard to do.  Most of the linens, like the embroidered linens that I buy are not in perfect condition.  There are holes and stains in so many of these pieces that I buy.  So, I just lay out my pattern and make it fit.  So on the new item that I am making you see only those little stitches of embroidery.  We are all amazed at the work that someone else did and the time and love they put into their projects.

I do buy pristine pieces of linens too.  Sometimes this is just what I need to make that dress or skirt.  But more often, if I buy a vintage tablecloth and it is perfect, I will not cut it up.  Those ones get used by me.

And my friend Gabreial at Vintage Indie let me know just this morning about how some others are making do too.  Enjoy!


Diane said...

I've seen some of the spectacular thift finds you come across. You are excellent at working around flaws to utilize the best parts! As always, well done.

Mary said...

This quilt is so very cute, I love how you used the linens for the top and bottom borders. You always have such great ideas. Keep it up.

bookwormbethie said...

lovely quilt and i'm glad you upcycled, or repurposed. or whatever the new hip word is for when you take something old and used, ahem i mean vintage ;) and turn it into something new!

i always find it quite sad when beautiful stitchy things are for sale at garage sales or thrift stores.

rebecca said...

AH! Thanks for the insight. I'm so trained to look for perfection in purchasing that I wouldn't give a second thought to stained or torn linen. Also, by virtue of a twisted family of souls, I've come to appreciate decay in heirlooms.

It's sweet how the blue arched florals on either end of the quilt look like tray handles.