Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm home

You know I like to travel, right? Well did you know that my traveling is usually spur of the moment? That's what happened to me this time too. On Friday I bought my ticket. On Monday I bought William's ticket and on the following Friday we left for Massachusetts. I just came home yesterday in time for dinner.

My two sisters just moved to the east coast and one of them is in MA. And since my Uncle Paul just turned 70, off we went for ten days of fun. It turned into an unplanned family reunion. Mostly cousins, and my cousins kids. It was great to see them all and to visit the state where my dad grew up. I haven't been there for 14 years and it didn't seem that long ago, until I say it was 14 years, then it has been a long time.

Here is some of the great stuff that we saw and/or did:

The Louisa May Alcott house in Concord where she wrote "Little Women". This is a cute house. It even has some drawings on the walls that her sister made. Did you know this family was vegetarian?

Found some gardening inspiration there too.

Went to a really neat consignment shop in this building where I spent 50 cents. It was upstairs and we went up some really old worn out steps.

We just happened to walk by this large Irish Famine Memorial in Boston. Doesn't it look sad and painful.

I will be posting more pics to flickr of course. So keep an eye there for more. And thanks to everyone here at home for taking care of the rest of my family while I was gone. Especially my hubby who worked a few half days so he could take the kids to their swim lessons. A tough job!

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Diane said...

Welcome home, Katie! Glad that you had a great time. Thanks for posting some very interesting pictures too. The famine sculpture is heartbreaking. One thing, you've left us hanging on how you spent your 50 cents... so, I'll take a few guesses. Bias tape? Paper dolls? Fabric remnant?? Oh, the possibilities!