Monday, October 13, 2014


I have finished a fun sewing project that I want to share with you!  This is all from the #verycherryswap on Instagram.

This is the little headband and pincushion that I made.  I love doing English Paper Piecing and making them tinier than usual was fun.  I also filled the pincushion with crushed walnut shells. It gives it a great weight and sharpens your needles too.

This is just the back of the pincushion.  My new favorite fabric, it's from Sweetwater, Mama Said Sew.  See all of the names for quilt blocks!

I also made two placemats. I mostly used fabrics from my LakeHouse, Pam Kitty Morning stash. And did a bit of straight line quilting on my machine. See all the cherries!  This was the fun part too, shopping for all the bits of cherry goodness.

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jd sanc said...

Thinking of English Paper Piecing, have you read The Last Runaway? The protagonist, an accomplished seamstress is from England, moves to the US and joins a Quaker community. Lots of discussion on the different schools of quilting!