Monday, May 27, 2013

mom's birthday

Last weekend I was in Portland, OR with my mom, Donna, and sister, Mary.  Mary has a quilt shop in Minnesota, Quilter's Eden. She is the one that I now blame/thank, for my opening Sew Katie Jean. I also have a middle sister, Judith.  We three are closer now than ever ~ I love my sisters!

Our mom is going to be 80 year's old in January. We are throwing her a party.  I don't think she knows that just yet! sshhh :)  And she needs the perfect gift.

We decided to make her a quilt!  Each one of us will make 3 quilt blocks a month. One block to go to mom's quilt, one for ourselves, and the other goes to the other sister. Judith sews, but doesn't quilt.  She has made one block already, and gets a few lessons from Mary along the way since they both live on the east coast.

We decided to use only fabric by Bonnie and Camille from Moda.  Each collection goes together so perfectly, that we will have a lot more fabrics to choose from.  I want to share with you my quilt blocks that I am making.  And since I am a bit behind in making my one a month I will be posting at least two a month!

So look for my Gram Quilt tutorials.  Each quilt block that I will be using will be based on something different about my mom.  I hope you will be inspired to quilt along with me!

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