Sunday, June 17, 2012

farmer's wife

I love sharing these class pictures with you.  

Isn't it fantastic how just the choice of fabrics can make a quilt look traditional  in blues, pale yellows and greens.

Using Kaffe Fasset fabrics make the same quilt look artistic and modern.  The choices are unlimited.  And all up to you!

block 69 - Practical Orchard 

block 81 - Snowball 

I have loved American Jane for such a long time.  I am so happy getting to use it for this quilt! 

block 9 - Box 

It will be at least a year long, to finish this 111 block queen size quilt.  It is an ongoing class and you can join in at any time.

 block  84 - Spool

Right now we are still trying to schedule a second class.  It has been such a popular class request.  I would love to see someone make this quilt out of batiks too!

block 31 - Friendship Star

What fabric would you use?


Cindy said...

Oh! They all look so beautiful. I'm making mine out of 30's reproductions, and a second one out of BRIGHT colored scraps. Having a fun time too.

Cynthia said...

They are all really cute. The Kaffe Fasset ones are beautiful, too! I made mine in 30's prints also.

sewinglady said...

Love the blocks!