Wednesday, October 5, 2011

art quilts

I have never made an art quilt.  But I am always in awe of the talent and amazing creative spirit that is embodied in these true pieces of art.

When I came across this article in the December issue of Quilter's Newsletter, I knew that it had to be shared with you.  This is the Lost Heroes Art Quilt.

It commemorates the  more than 5,000 service members who died in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.  At least one person from each state is represented in this quilt.


The quilt features a black and white photo of the fallen soldier, as a child.  Then a vintage cloth G.I. Joe jacket is stitched in place.

Like so many art quilts, there are smaller details lovingly sewn in by hand.  And this quilt is made to remember these soldiers and their dreams and personal goals for life.  Made, "so that our heroes will not be forgotten".

Please visit  Lost Heroes Art Quilt for more information and where you can see it on display.

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