Sunday, July 24, 2011

fab up

Isn't this a gorgeous little chair? My mom was going to through it out, and thought I just might like it! It was covered with different fabric of course. Very 80's country looking.

I had a bit of Amy Butler fabric that was just the right amount to cover it all nicely. And the colors just popped, when I put it by my newly painted shelves. Later it will be moved to sit by my cutting table. But I love it where it is just right now.

My shelves are beginning to fill up with new fabrics. This is DeLovely by Cosmo Cricket. I have made a few crafts with this, that are already up in my shop. Remember the embroidery hoops?

And this is Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin of P&B Textiles. I am in for some sewing fun! Soon I will be opening my doors and you can have some fun with me :)


Pinkadot Quilts said...

So cute what a great idea!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

cute little cutie!!!!! great job!!

Cytel said...

Open, Open, open... Do you think you might be hosting another sew day? I wish I had attended the last one.


Cytel said...

OPen, Open, open! Do you think you may host another sew day for the guild? I missed the last one and I wish I had gone.

Jill said...

That chair is so great! I can't wait to hear more about your new store. It looks so great. I'm sure I'll be making a little roadtrip soon! (Okay, could driving from Elk Grove really be considered a roadtrip?!)