Monday, October 25, 2010


I cleaned up my work room this weekend. Still not finished though! Are we ever finished picking things up and properly putting things where they belong?

I did start a new pile. A "to do" pile. All of unfinished projects! And it was too big, it toppled over. So there are now 2 stacks.

All are different sewing projects getting ready for my big show in December. Which I am nervous about. The usual dismay about will I have enough product, my display, and just the general will they like my things.

So to keep my stress level down, it helped me a ton to do some picking up! I strongly recommend it. It has made me feel like I can get it all done. Everything that I need to finish will be finished.
I thought that for the month of November I will be showing you my ufo's. Hopefully you will be motivated to finish your sewing too! Even if you don't have a craft show coming up, Christmas will soon be here!

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PinkGranny said...

Wonderful ideas! I am not ready to get all mine done yet as I have a lot to do first to get ready. I am in the process of getting a room in the basement ready to be finished! However, I have been spurred on to get some things made for the holidays. Thanks for sharing, it must feel great to be getting some where. You will do very well at the craft show too!